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3 Perspectives, 1 Plan

Video transcript: 3 Perspectives, 1 Plan

I’m Jacob Cavaleri with Perspective Financial Services, and I’m going to share with you our firm’s philosophy for financial planning success.

3 Perspectives, 1 Plan

In his book Personal Success, best-selling author Brian Tracy wrote that successful people “tend to have fluid, flexible, adaptive minds.” When it comes to personal financial success, this amounts to viewing the planning process from three distinct perspectives: short-term, mid-term and long-term.

At Perspective Financial Services, we create personal financial plans for our clients that are fluid, flexible and adaptive. Our planning and investment philosophy focuses on allocating assets in a balanced way to best manage risk and generate the income you need – today, tomorrow and in the future. Each perspective brings something important to your overall personal financial plan.

A short-term perspective of 1 to 5 years: Investments in this vantage point are lower-risk and intended to help provide for current income needs. These funds help you make the most of life, one day at a time.

A mid-term perspective of 5 to 10 years: Here, investments with moderate risk are utilized to maintain stability in the portfolio and offset cost-of-living increases and inflation. These funds help bring peace of mind in knowing that tomorrow’s needs have been addressed.

A long-term perspective of 10 to 15 years: This is where higher-risk investments with higher long-term growth potential will help you meet far-away goals such as retirement, college for the kids or that dream vacation. Funds in this vantage point provide stability for the future. They’re hands-off in the short-term, and that’s okay because short- and mid-term needs are already covered.

Finally, regular rebalancing of assets helps ensure the portfolio continues to meet your needs from all three perspectives. If you’d like to learn more, contact one of our advisors today.