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Atomic Habits

This book is all about the 1 percent – that is, how 1 percent adjustments can create large, long-term changes. Author James Clear explains why taking dramatic action is one of the main reasons people fail at changing their habits. Conversely, 1 percent adjustments often lead to success. Recommended Reading: Atomic Habits

Saving money is a good example. If saving 10 percent of your income each month seems daunting, begin putting away 1 percent. It may seem insignificant, Clear acknowledges, but it puts a good habit (saving regularly) in your mind. Increase your savings by another 1 percent next month and again the next, until you’ve figured out you can actually save 15 percent each month!

The author consistently refers to four laws for creating good habits, and their inverse for breaking bad ones. He dissects the concepts so you can apply them to your life. He uses science and psychology to explain what habits are and why we have them. Frequent anecdotes help translate the science into relatable situations.

Throughout reading Atomic Habits, I found myself constantly sharing with others what I had just learned. Everyone, no matter how good they think their habits are, would benefit and improve their life from reading this book. It doesn’t tell you what to do, but rather how to do it with minimal to no backslide.

Review written by Tobi McCann

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