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AdvisoryHQ Named Perspective Financial Services a Top Advisor

September 21, 2021

AdvisoryHQ Named Perspective Financial Services a Top AdvisorWe’re honored to announce that AdvisoryHQ named Perspective Financial Services a top advisor for a sixth year in 2021. Our firm was once again identified as one of the top-rated advisors and financial planners in Phoenix and Scottsdale. The organization also awarded us its highest rating in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

AdvisoryHQ uses a multi-step selection method for generating its list of top firms. Its review and ranking articles are 100 percent independently researched and objectively written. Firms do not pay for their ranking. (A detailed overview of AdvisoryHQ’s process is below.)

In 2021, the reviewers highlighted our flexibility and comprehensive approach, as well as our online tools, as being especially significant.

“In times of economic uncertainty, the services of a financial advisor who can help you grow and protect your assets become even more important. Perspective Financial Services takes a comprehensive and flexible approach to financial planning. This approach is designed to meet the needs of ever-changing financial situations,” Advisory HQ wrote. “This innovative Phoenix financial planner has developed a variety of online tools designed to help clients navigate their financial lives and bring the customer experience into the 21st Century.”

AdvisoryHQ reviewers also emphasized our strict fiduciary commitment.

“The firm puts the financial wellbeing of its clients at the center of everything they do,” they wrote. “Clients can be assured that [Perspective Financial Services] is acting in their best interests at all times.”

Click here to read the full article and review at the AdvisoryHQ website.

Below is a step-by-step overview of AdvisoryHQ’s methodology process. 

  1. Using publicly available sources, AdvisoryHQ identifies a wide range of firms that are providing services in a designated area (city, state, or local geographic location). 
  2. AdvisoryHQ’s review team then applies initial methodology filters to narrow down the list of identified firms/products. These filters include company strengths, trustworthiness, transparency, professional reputation, managed assets, ROI/ROA effectiveness, fee structure, what customers/clients are saying about the organization, and many more. 
  3. After trimming down the initial list, AdvisoryHQ then conducts a deep-dive assessment of the remaining firms. The award criteria take into account a range of factors, including experience level, level of customization, site quality, resources, features, range of provided services, innovation, value-added, and many more factors, to build up a broad picture of what each firm or product has to offer before the final selection process occurs. 
  4. Based on the results of the performed assessment, AdvisoryHQ’s research and selection team then finalizes the list of entities that make it into its top-rated publications, which are then published to the general public.  

Click here for additional information on AdvisoryHQ’s Selection and Ranking Methodologies.

Perspective Financial Services was named in the ranking of the 2020-2021 AdvisoryHQ 12 Best Financial Advisors in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona. AdvisoryHQ uses a multi-step selection methodology for identifying, researching, and generating its list of top-ranked firms.  AdvisoryHQ’s review and ranking articles are always 100% independently researched and objectively written. Firms do not pay for their ranking. In fact, most firms do not even realize that they are being reviewed and ranked by AdvisoryHQ until after their reviews have been completed and published to the public.

No fee was paid by Perspective Financial Services or Thrivent to AdvisoryHQ in exchange for inclusion in the ranking award. There are no other material relationships between Thrivent including Perspective Financial Services and AdvisoryHQ.

The ranking award is not related to the quality of investment advice and based solely on the disclosed criteria. Please note that this is not an indication of any client’s experience or an indication of Thrivent’s future performance.