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Financial Planning Philosophy

Video transcript: Financial Planning Philosophy, 6 Key Elements

At Perspective Financial Services, our financial planning philosophy revolves around six key elements.

Structure. We can help you gain control of your financial life with a range of customized services and online tools that will organize everything from budgeting, taxes and insurance needs to planning, investments and goal setting.

Progress. Helping you identify and prioritize your goals is step one for us. Periodic reviews and consistent encouragement to help you stay on course and achieve your goals is step two through infinity.

Objectivity. We understand your finances are personal and important decisions can be emotional. Our goal is to provide objective advice and guidance backed by research and time-tested strategies when you need it most. We promise transparency and full disclosure of our costs and compensation.

Proactivity. Life happens. While no one can predict with 100% certainty what lies ahead, we’ll help you create a flexible financial plan that can enable you to proactively manage life’s hills and valleys.

Insight. Knowledge is a two-way street. We’ll strive first to understand your background, philosophy, needs, objectives and concerns to develop a personal plan for your unique situation. Then we’ll provide you with the necessary resources to help you understand your options and make confident decisions.

Collaboration. We’re in this together. Because we strive to develop a long-term relationship based on mutual respect, your success becomes our success. We’re committed to working collaboratively with you and on your behalf.

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