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Teaching Kids Money Concepts

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Teaching kids money concepts is easier with The Four Money Bears. A book review by Patrick Eng.

I was recently introduced to a book called The Four Money Bears, by Mac Gardner, a Certified Financial Planner practitioner based in Tampa, Florida. He created it to help teach youngsters (ages 5 to 10 years) about money. It’s a charming story, and a great way to begin money conversations in any family. Grandparents can read this book to their grandkids, and parents can use it to introduce financial concepts to their children at an early age.

Gardner uses the four money bears – Spender Bear, Saver Bear, Investor Bear and Giver Bear – to teach kids about the four primary functions of money. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses; and, as such, they cannot be successful on their own. By working together to create a game plan (budget), they can all be successful.

Reading the book as a family is a great way to discuss the many uses of money and learn how to view each in a healthy way. You can go online at to learn more.

The Four Money Bear Rules:

  1. Spend Cautiously
  2. Save Diligently
  3. Invest Wisely
  4. Give Generously

Teaching kids money concepts with The Four Money Bears.