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Jacob Cavaleri

Jacob Cavaleri

Associate Financial Planner with Perspective since 2021

Jacob Cavaleri is a second-generation Phoenix native. He joined Perspective Financial Services as associate financial planner in 2022, after completing an internship with the firm and earning a bachelor’s degree in financial planning from Arizona State University. He graduated with notable distinction, receiving Magna Cum Laude honors. Soon after, he earned the Series 65 license.

Jacob’s interest in finances began as a child, when his parents gave him the responsibility of managing his own money from gifts and chores. Once he had formal employment, Jacob completed his own income tax returns.

“I’ve always been interested in the big picture of financial matters, how it all connects,” he said.

His college education fueled and deepened that interest. “I was surprised to learn all the different ways financial planners can advise clients – beyond just investing, to things like insurance needs and education planning – and how all those other elements are actually key pieces to financial planning as a whole.”

Perhaps parallel to his interest in analytics, finance and how all the pieces come together, Jacob is a daily chess player. He’s also a lifelong Arizona Diamondbacks fan and played baseball for Glendale Community College while working toward an associate’s degree in accounting. An avid outdoorsman, Jacob enjoys fishing, hiking, and camping in his personal time.