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The One Page Financial Plan

The idea of simplifying the financial planning process to one page is appealing to me, and I wanted to read about how another financial planner would propose to do just that.

Financial planning can sometimes never get started because of how complicated it may seem from the onset. There are potentially many moving parts such as a budget, tax plan, estate plan, life insurance and investments to name a few. In The One Page Financial Plan, author Carl Richards distills this process down to one key question to simplify your financial plan.

Book Review, The One Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards.

Richards does a great job of talking about financial planning without a lot of industry jargon. In addition, the book helps address many of the mind games we play with ourselves when it comes to our personal finances. When we make excuses for not addressing important topics regarding our financial life, this book encourages you to move in the right direction with simple suggestions that can be easily implemented into your lifestyle.

This book is a quick read that I believe many can reap benefit from over a lifetime.